By Tim Hogan

Like a hole in yo chest
He seems to abandon the quest
Maybe his intentions are just
But now, who do we trust
The voice of the voiceless
Leaves us all helpless
With the rest of the kids
Roamin city grids
And da ones in da 3rd world wide
How will the rest of them survive
Without the help of the few
With the secrets they knew
To stop oppression and poverty
And give us a little security
Da fight against the slavers and rapists
To put something behind our children’s faces
His lyrical rampage
Fought the new age
Of hatred and greed
The bigots succeed
Without him, our voice
We don’t have much choice
They trample our will
As they march on to kill
The freedom of our souls
And our aspiring goals
But we’ll continue to go on
Even with him gone
Maybe he’ll return
His extinguished flame could still burn
We’ll take the power back
But we still need you Zack