Your Opinions About Zack Leaving:
*I would like to start out by voicing my opinion.   I was very upset when I heard the news and I probably will be for a while.  With Zack gone the band will never be the same no matter who you get to sing.  Like each member of Rage, Zack made the band different.  Rage will still be a good band with the three remaining members plus Zack's replacement but there will no way be as great as Rage with Zack.  Even though I am disappointed with his decision, I respect it.  Zack is above all an artist and if he doesn't feel that Rage isn't meeting his artistic ideal then he should find a way to meet it.  Thanks Zack for three awesome albums and the many unbelievable live shows.  It was great while it lasted.
The Bram

*When I found out it was around 5:15 yesterday night. My friend called to tell me because she heard from her cousin who has MTV and saw the whole thing. Im EXTREMELY DEVASTATED. I dont know what Im gonna do. I can't believe he chose such a time to leave. THen again, probably anytime would be the wrong time. It just seems so out of character. I had read of the band having conflicts and what-not , but everyone has they're problems. I expected them to get over it just like everyone else does. apparently something happened that was just the icing on the cake. I guess it's really over, cuz its just not Rage without Zack there. He made the band what it was. This is the worst news I have heard in long long time. I have to go school today, and it'll probably be the hardest thing I have to do. I just feel like staying home and crying, but i have to go to fucking school. This really sucks.
Vans Warpped

*I can't begin to understand what is really happening. I'd have to say that what Zack is doing is selfish and devastating. So much more than a band is at stake. For YEARS Rage has been the loudest voice against oppression, genocide , injustice and public ignorance. WE NEED a voice like Rage and it is very hard to get such a strong vein pumping through corporate-owned radio stations and media outlets. Zack's decision is like letting THE MAN WIN. That's what they want! They don't want a band like Rage to  ignite passion and awareness into the youth of America (I mean America in the absolute sense of the word). So what if the bassist did something stupid, or even if there is internal struggle within the band. The issue must be communicated and solved with no one losing. In this case everyone lost. WE LOST BIG TIME! No thanks to Zack. Good luck on your next Rap Album.
The Arkitech

*I was at a loss to here that Rage has broken-up. And was searching for more information. And I stumbled upon your page. You have a very updated and informative page. I just want to thank you for your page. I was impressed.  Now, for Zack leaving the and it is like him turning his back on the revolution and his loyal fans, all over petty squabbles between eachother. That hurts just to think about it. His decision was a total selfish move.

*I am so angry. They have been my favorite band for a long time now and it's over. I don't believe it.

*first of all I would like to say that rage has been the most influential band in my life. rage is the shit and it will continue to be the shit. people got to understand that there is always an end to a beginning. I like to thank Zack for being the to speak out for my people as he will continue to do so. Not to forget Tom,Brad,and Tim.thanks for the inspirations that you guys pump into a lot of people. like the famous saying You can kill a revolutionary but you can never kill the revolution. As the revolution continues the three members from rage will continue to be political motivated the only way true underground artist do it. As for zack I really respect the man for everything that he has done in the past and for his decision making of splitting from rage. That just show me that he is a true revolutionary, not that the other guys are not. I mean you got to be independent and be true to the movement. I know zack will greatly succeed in his solo album. As well as rage. The only wish that i have now, is that i wish i can see them live one last time.  let the revolution continue. La unidad hace le fuerza! dont let the man bring you guys  down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Hi there, 
     This is in reply to the article about Zack's leaving Rage. 
     I have been listening to Rage since they first came onto the scene, and I must say that I am very unhappy about the breakup.  I think that to break up the band at such a time is rediculous, being that we are moving into a time that is going to be very in
need of a voice against the repression that is going to plague us.  Rage, although contested for their being on a major label and still preaching against capitolisim and prejudice, was still a great voice for people who could not have a voice simply because they cannot get their word out. 
     All I can say is that we a.) need more bands and people with messages like Rage, and b.) we all need to look into the other bands out there that are working to open people's minds, such as Bad Religion.  Hopefully, this might not be forever.  Rage does not seem like a band that could stay apart for long.  In the end, none of us have a say in what happens, but we all wish that we did.  Overall, I would have to say that I have lost a lot of respect for a band and a frontman that I once held on a pedestal. 
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*It sad to see rage breakup but at least they ended with a great album
BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES. In my opinion of the three remaining members getting a
new singer is that it will never be the same without Zack because of the way
he performs on stage with alot of energy and always getting a crowd fired up. 


*Im sad and unhappy. 


*Zack is the biggest most awesome singer on the stage today! He had everything goin for him, and he gave it up! He's got to come back rage rox and they always will! Come back zack! 

Colin Wilson 

*I felt so sad when I heard the news. I love rage against the machine. I was
meditating it for like an hour. I cant bring myself to believe he actually did
that. He let me down.....big time. Zack was the heart of the whole band. His
lyrics is what brought me to all those protests. I said to myself," Why
can't all the dumb and fake bands quit? Why did the most original band have to lose its spirit to keep on struggling?" I just cant believe it. 


*Here is my opinion:
I am very sad about Zach leaving the band. Rage is over. respect Zach?s decision though, and I look forward to see his work as a solo artist. Buena Suerte Zach. The Revolution will continue. Thank you for the great albums. Veronica
Once again thank you J, hopefully you'll keep the site alive for a while. 


*I think that RATM should have a break from each other
for a while if they feel things aren't good, then come
back together after a bit of a holiday/break away from
each other! 
This band is an amazing talented group and they have
so many fans because their music is excellent and has
a meaning to it!!!!!!!!!
       - Faith

Only God Can Judge Me.

*Rage's music spoke to me. The crazy guitars boggled my mind, the jazzy bass grabbed me by the hand, and Brad's drumming tatooed my brain. Most of all, Zach's incredible lyrics made me open my eyes and think of all the less fortunate. I was drawn into politics and saw how unfair people were being treated. Zach and Rage changed my life, now they're gone. I hope desperately that they will eventually realize they are vital to today's music, and come back together.
*Well I hope Zack is really reading into his lyrics.  "Now you do what they told ya". Zack I am so disappointed in you.   You are doing what they told you.  They said that RATM would never last and that the lyrics would'nt connect with anyone.  Are they right?  I'm beginning to wonder myself.  Not that Rage hasn't been a huge group, but come, on they were just starting to get really get big;  Everyone admit it,  they never really hit the mainstream till last November when "Battle of Los Angeles" came out.  They were so close.  Yeah the band hit political and social nerves but if you (Zack) would have stuck it out a little bit longer you could of made a bigger impact.  Somewhere in the lines with the notoriety of Metallica.  You might have been heard a little louder, or your message would have come across a bigger crowd.  So what's the deal with you Zack?  Why didn't you tell us that you only wanted to be around long enough to get a political message across to the people.  Just playing with us or something.  Did you ever tell Tom, Brad, or Y.tim.K, any of this.  "Hey guys, I just want to make a statement with OUR music and when I say it's over I'm gonna leave you and all the fans hanging.   Well thanks.  If I would have known that I would have never bought any of your albums or went to any concerts and even never got into any of the worthwhile causes.  I wouldn't have even gone to any causes that you're involved.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ZACK, SOME OF US FANS, NOT TO MENTION YOUR BANDMATES RISKED OUR LIVES AT THESE CAUSES.  Just so you could say "Hey I'm done with you guys." I knew it was coming though when I read how everyone was ready to get that RAGE and Beastie's tour going except for you, I just knew it.  I'm sorry this day even came. 

If you get this message please let me know with a "hey i read your message."  If not I'm gonna keep posting it till you do, because w/out those riffs from that Harvard graduate and those pulse pounding skins and that awesome bass guitar RAGE will still never be the same.  I still love you guys, 

                                                      James M. Caiazza

*I am pretty shocked and sad when i heard the news that Zack was leaving Rage. What would Rage be without Zack. The band's songs which most of them were written by Zack inspired a lot of people and that included me.Listening to Rage had make me open up my mind to what is really happening in this world nowadays.  Injustice,labour abuse,racial discrimination are among
Rage themes. They sparked people to become more involved in defending their rights and what they believe. I don't know the real reason why did Zack left but as far as i am concerned many people were moved when they listen to Rage. They believe in what Rage fought for and for this i urged for those who really believe on this matter should continue their fight eventhough the main inspiration had split up. As for Zack if he noticed that Rage had moved so many people in believing their cause PLEASE RECONSIDER BACK YOUR DECISION AND TRY TO RECONCILE ALL THE DIFFERENCES AMONG THE MEMBERS. LET US KEEP THIS FUCKING BALL ROLLING! 
        fadly zakariya
Estou realmente desapontado. RATM sempre foi mais que uma banda, sempre foi um foco de resistência dentro de uma ociedade hipócrita e conservadora. Sempre foi a voz da minoria. A voz será calada agora que Zack se foi?

I'm really disapointed. RATM has always been more than a band, it has always been a "resistance center" inside a hipocrite and conservative society. It has always been the opressed's voice. Whill this voice fall silent now that Zack's gone?

Leandro. (Brasília, Brazil)

I don't understand this,Zack had everything goin' for him!He had three GREAT albums,I just don't understand why he left!I don't know were i heard this from but i've heard that he's thinking about coming back!!And I believe it too!I think what he is doin' is leaving for about a month or so,then when he comes back everyone will wanna buy their reunion album!So I think this is just a phase.I mean why in the hell would he leave anyway?So thats what I think.....

Anne Wilke

it's most likely that this is a somewhat general statement just to ease the minds of the public, but i doubt that it was too extreme of a breakup. i guess it was inevitable (ain't THAT some marxist irony): 4 individuals, set in their beliefs, put together to try to send out unified messages to a general public who will be shocked by every word they speak. so much anger and frustration in these individuals who were doing their best to unify. and they did such an amazing job of getting their message to the masses while staying with their ideals.  i just read about the incident at the mtv video music awards where bassist tim commerford climbed the set during limp bizkit's acceptance speach. i guess it was a combination of alcohol and frustration with losing to a band with such a horrible message (shameless self promotion, disregard for women's rights, etc.). apparently zack was quite unhappy with tim for that. Well, i'm thinking about this way too much, so i'll get to the point. there is no doubt in my mind that zack had substantial reasons for leaving the band, and that he carefully considered all the effects of his actions. he has a solo album that will be released sometime fairly soon, i believe. it's mostly rap, though. he raps with other hip hop artists and dj's and the such. i hope it'll be good, and i hope he keeps rappin about the same topics as before. if he can be successful as a solo artist, and gain popularity that comes anywhere near the fandom of rage, then maybe mainstream society won't be left in the dark. if anyone else would like to comment on this event, please say as much as you like in my guestbook. thank you, and i wish brad wilk, tim commerford, tom morello, and zack de la rocha the best of luck. they all have my upmost respect. 

 Simon Magaziner

Zach is gone oh man i can't believe this . sure tom ,brad and Y.timk are dedicated to  rockin but it just can't (and won't be the same) i will always be dedicated to R.A.T.M but i m just not sure how well i can adjust  to rage without zach.his lyrics have proven pure in media world of poser bullshit. i will miss them.  well it was an awesome 8 years i just don't know well the fans will adjust ,let alone the media(but hey who gives a fuck what they think anways?) well i just had to say my piece later 


At first I was just shocked and angry that Zack decided to leave Rage; as he is an itegral portion that assimilates the band into one collective body. But then I got to thinking and realized that Zack is a coward for doing so. For nine years now they have been creating music and making thousands of young minds, myself included, of the heinous injustices that line the underbelly of our seemingly perfect society. The band exposed much to everyone and made us aware of the political situation of the US. Zack is doing exactly what the government hoped for him to do. They left Rage alone so that they would eventually blow up. They did not have the balls to martyr anyone in the band because they knew the consequences. So now it has become apparent that Zack gave in to the moster that he so desperately wanted to abolish, and without a leader those of us who want to end the oppression in the US are lost. I cannot believe that he compromised everything he stands for; whatever the reason may be Rage Against The Machine is something desperately needed in such a dark era of political stability that stems from apathy and peoples ignorance of the truth. I am sorry that Zack left, but even more angry that such a thing happened. 

Future Freedom Fighter

When I heard about Zac leaving Rage Against The Machine, I thought to myself it is not true it's a lie, he would never, but yes he left the band for good. I was crushed! Ratm is probably the best band in the world, they are funky fresh and not afraid to state their feeling towards the world today! They are not anti -family, they are telling the truth, stating facts that parent's
don't want to remember or believe. I hate it that the music has stopped, it's such wasted talent! They will always be an influence to me and the way I live my life. Their lyrics are amazing, it expresses my feelings that I dare not tell anyone! The music will always live on! Their sounds are undescribable! Meaning full words are usally not that intence. Zac leaving left a sadness in the music word, loosing such a amazing, ground breaking artist kills me, he has so much to offer to the music world. I fear that boy bands and girl groups will take over the music world for good, Rage was one of our only hopes! They could save us from total
domination. What has our world come to ?  


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