Zack Leaves Rage
On Wednesday, October 18, 2000 Zack de la Rocha quit Rage Against the Machine.  His action was not much of a surprise to many fans becuase of the past troubles in Rage.  The band never really got along.  They have always had their squables,  I guess Zack just could not take it anymore.  This was helped by his solo album he has been working on for a few months now.  The band had trouble touring becuase he was always in the studio.  Also, at the VMA awards, Zack was very embarrassed by Tim's actions when they did not receive the award.  Zack's excuse for leaving was Rage's descission-making process had failed.  
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Zack Quits Rage Against the Machine 

Lead singer quits Rage Against the Machine

LA Times:
Can They Keep On Raging Without Zack? 



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