Zack de la Rocha
Zack de la Roach was born in Long Beach, California on January 12th, 1970.  His father, Beto was a Chicano muralist.  Zack's mom, Olivia, seperated with his father when Zack was one.  His mom earned her degree in Anthropology at the Universitey of California in Irvine.  Zack lived with his mom in a white suburban community in California.  In this white community, Zack had to deal with being the minority.  He found refuge from the hard times through music.  Zack got interested in punk music.  In highschool he taught life long friend and future band member Tim Commoford.  In highschool Zack also played guitar in the hardcore punk band Hardstance.  After Hardstance fizzed out Inside Out took shape.  Inside Out was also a hardcore punk band where Zack was the lead singer.  Shortly after Inside Out broke up Zack began his love of hip hop style lyrics and along came Rage.