Released Videos
Rage Home Video 1997

With Ghost of Tom Joad Single
Live at Irvine, Cal. September 18 & 19:
The Ghost of Tom Joad
Live at Rock AM Ring Festival - Europe - 1996:
People of the Sun
Bulls on Parade
Bullet in the Head
Zapata's Blood
Live at Reading 1996:
Know Your Enemy
Tire Me
Live at Pink Pop Festival 1994:
Killing in the Name
Uncensored Music Videos:
Killing in the Name
Bullet in the Head
Bulls on Parade
Memory of the Dead
People of the Sun


92 or 93 - Killing in the Name(directed by Peter Gideon)
92 or 93 - Bullet in the Head
12/19/93- Freedom (directed by peter christopherson)
04/14/96 - Bulls on Parade (directed by peter christopherson)
1996 People of the Sun (directed by peter christopherson)
1998 No Shelter
1999 Guerrilla Radio (directed by Nicholas Brooks and Laura Kelly AKA "Honey")
2000 Sleep Now in the Fire(directed by Michael Moore)
2000 Testify (directed by Michael Moore)
2001 Renegades of Funk (directed by Michael Moore)