6.29.00 Rage and the Beastie Boys on the Rhyme and Reason tour 2000
    Starting in August and September Rage will be touring with the Beastie Boys.  To get tickets before everyone else follow this link:
You can also get tickets early from:
Date Location Venue
08/02/00 Toronto Molson Park
08/04/00 Buffalo Darien Lakes Amphitheater
08/05/00 Washington D.C. RFK Stadium
08/09/00 New York Giant Stadium
08/12/00 Boston Foxboro Stadium
08/16/00 Chicago The World
08/18/00 Columbus Polaris Amphitheater
08/19/00 Detroit Silverdome
08/21/00 Indianapolis Deer Creek Amphiteater

Tickets go on sale July 8th

4.4.00 Zack to go Solo
    This is perhaps the biggest Rage news in a while.  According to Company Flow, an underground NY hip-hop outfit, Zack will be heading into the studio in May to begin on his solo album.  Zack has made a list of demands for the record and has chosen El-P to produce atleast four of the tracks.  The album is to be realeased on Rage's album, Epic.
    --That should be kick ass.

4.4.00 Brad denies tour with Korn & Limp Bizkit
   After a rumor that Rage was going to tour with Korn and Limp Bizkit, Brad denies the rumor.  In an interview with Brad said they have no interest touring with them.  He laso said Korn and LB should have asked personally instead of just making it a rumor.  He went on to say they were looking to tour with the Beastie Boys and someone elase.

4.4.00 "Sleep Now in the Fire" Single 7"-
    "Sleep Now in the Fire" 7" vinyl has been released in the UK.  The record is red, like the "No Shelter" vinyl and has the following tracks:
    1.Sleep Now in the Fire (Studio)
    2.Sleep Now in the Fire (Live in Mexico City)
    3.Bulls on Parade (Live in Mexico City)

3.21.00 US Tour
    Rage should begin their US tour anytime.  It was schedueled that they would tour the US again after they finished Europe and they finished Europe a couple of weeks ago so watch out.

2.23.00 New Rage Home Video-
    Live From Mexico City will be released on May 2nd.  Check for more details

2.23.00 "Sleep Now in the Fire released"-
  The latest video from Rage, "Sleep Now in the Fire" is out.  The video features Rage playing live across the street from the New York Stock Exchange.Also, Rage mocks the popular TV show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"  The video ends when the director of the video, Michael Moore, gets arrested and Rage runs into the New York Stock exchange forcing the metal "panic doors" to shut and the Exchange to close early.  Excellent video- 4 stars