Nader Bio

Ralph Nader is a consumer advocate, lawyer and author. He was born in Winsted, Connecticut on February 27, 1934.

In 1955, Ralph Nader received an AB magna cum laude from Princeton University, and in 1958, he received an LLB from Harvard University. He began his career as a lawyer in Hartford, Connecticut in 1959.

From 1961 to 1963, he lectured on history and government at the University of Hartford. In 1967, he was named one of ten Outstanding Young Men of the Year by the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce.

In 1967 and 1968, he returned to Princeton as a lecturer, and he continues to speak at colleges and universities across the United States.

Throughout the 1970s, 80's, and 90's, and up to the present time, Nader gathered the evidence and alerted the public, Congress, and the media to many issues related to health, safety, economics, environmental pollution, worker rights, and excessive corporate influence. Nader and his colleagues have proposed many constructive reforms, and have prompted the enactment of laws and regulations to correct the problems, to the benefit of the public.

In his career as a consumer advocate, he founded many organizations including the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), the Center for Auto Safety, Public Citizen, Center for Women's Policy Studies, Connecticut Citizen's Action Group, the Disability Rights Center, the Pension Rights Center, and the Multinational Monitor, a monthly magazine.

Ralph Nader is the author of Unsafe at Any Speed (1965) and has co-authored or edited many books, including:

Action for a Change, 1972
Whistle-Blowing: The Report on the Conference of Professional
Responsibility, 1972
You and Your Pension, 1973
Corporate Power in America, 1973
Taming the Giant Corporation, 1976
Verdicts on Lawyers, 1976
The Menace of Atomic Energy, 1976
The Lemon Book, 1980
Who's Poisoning America, 1981
The Big Boys, 1986
Winning the Insurance Game, 1990
Collision Course: The Truth About Airline Safety, 1993
No Contest: Corporate Lawyers and
the Perversion of Justice in America, 1996