I'm Housin'

 Tabbed by:  Ryan Lazenby
 E-mail:  r3reachme@hotmail.com
 Originally Tabbed by: Mark Pasierb

 Sorry but there is a much easier way of playing this song than the way tabbed
 by mark which allows for the continuing open 'e' note thru the softer bit.

 standard tuning

 (fig 1)

 (fig 2)

 (fig 3)

 (fig 4)


 the rhythm and structure are both pretty easy if you actually listen to the
 song so there.

 heres the order tho.

 fig 1 x5
 fig 2 x1
 fig 3 x4
 fig 4 x8
 fig 1 x5
 fig 2 x1
 fig 3 x4
 fig 4 x8
 fig 3 x12
 fig 4 x8
 fig 2 x1