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To check the current levels for ozone, which is updated every hour, every day, click the link below to access the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality website.

When you reach the page, press "Current Air Quality Data." From there, you will see the current information available at each monitoring site.

There are four stations that monitor ozone levels for the Central Oklahoma region:

  • Memorial Road and Eastern in OKC

  • N.E. 10th and Kelley in OKC

  • S.E. 19th and Broadway in Moore

  • Goldsby

Note: O3 represents ozone. PPM stands for parts per million. The current standard for ozone is 0.08 ppm, eight hour average. If the average of the fourth highest reading over a three year period is above this number that is a violation of the EPA’s ozone standard. The top number 00 indicates midnight.

Check Current Oklahoma City Air Quality Data.


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